Voice Unplugged Season 2


Namaskar and Greetings from WMC Productions

Voice unplugged by WMC Productions in association with Sri Sanakra TV. Voice Unplugged is a singing performance in Sri Sanakra TV having its viewership in more than 80 countries. Its an international platform to showcase & promote your talent. Singers need not have any qualification or certificate to sing in voice unplugged. If you consider yourself as a good singer, get in touch with us. We will reach you to global audience. Proceeds from this show are utilized for paying the salaries of toilet maintenance staff in rural schools where Smile Charitable Trust has constructed and taken up maintenance responsibility. www.smilecharitabletrust.org.

Registration Fees :

Rs 5000/- for one song (5min Max is the duration)

We look forward for your participation

Contact - 98456 12321, 98452 52320
Email - voiceunplugged2020@gmail.com

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