Sangeetha Srikishen


Sangeetha Srikishen is a versatile singer and an entrepreneur from Bangalore. She has made a name for herself in the music world as a singer.

Her music is not restricted to just one genre. One can witness her versatility in a variety of her songs ranging from classical, devotional, folk & fusion music.

Apart from her achievements in the musical world, she is an entrepreneur who along with her husband Gopi (drummer& percussionist) runs one of Bangalore’s well-known music and art schools, World Music Conservatory and Ovya Art Academy.

Sangeetha Srikishen is a pro-active social worker and is the Cofounder of an NGO called SMILE Charitable Trust that works in the domain of education & sanitation.

As a Musician

Sangeetha Srikishen was inspired at a young age and was introduced to Classical singing by her violinist mother. In order to pursue her passion in music she went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Music from Mysore University. During her musical journey she had opportunities to be tutored under some of India’s finest musicians.

Sangeetha Srikishen a versatile singer who can easily adapt to different styles of singing. She has worked on number of albums and released a variety of music in collaboration with diversemusicians.

An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur Sangeetha Srikishen has produced and directed a number of live and television music shows! She is not only known for her innovative and creative concepts, but for spectacular stage and television productions.

Presenter / Anchor

Sangeetha Srikishen is sought after for presentingin live and television shows. She is very selective as a presenter and takes up anchoring only for exclusive shows and concepts. She manages artist promotion professionally under the banner WMC Productions. She has launched many such artists.


She is a Carnatic Vocal Guru (Teacher) and trains students of all levels. She is very passionate about her teaching and nurtures students to get to their next level, be it in terms of building their confidence levels or get them to perform on stage.

Work in Social Welfare Programs

Sangeetha Srikishen is the co-founder of SMILE Charitable Trust, an NGO working in the domain of education and sanitation. They provide education for under privileged children and support schools in building infrastructure and sanitation facilities.

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