Concerts and Parties have become a way of life-style and a status symbol! Every occasion calls for a unique customized and memorable design concept, they expect it to be one of a kind event that is enjoyable and will cater to all age groups.

WMC Productions ensures that your event is most memorable & unique and we can bring the most innovative and creative ideas to life.

Live Music Shows by WMC Productions: HumanDrum Gopi

  •    Concept based musical shows with the internationally renowned percussionist Humandrum Gopi in collaboration with other         renowned artists from the classical, film, folk, rock & contemporary genres.
  •    TrumDrum/Folk It India/G2Live/JanapadaRock are some of the live musical entertainment properties that is curated by                         HumanDrum Gopi


  •    Jogirock is a musical duo, a combination of electronic genre with Indian vocal music.
  •    It came into existence when two pioneers in the entertainment and music industry came together to form the biggest collaboration         for the year 2019.
  •    JogiRock music will make the audience groove to the blend of electronic elements to Indian vocals. They are "NOT" a "ROCK BAND"         but one has to witness and experience the magic created.
  •    The sound of JogiRock is contemporary and electronic, yet soulful.

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